Find Your Perfect Frames at New Vision Care

Find Your Perfect Frames at New Vision Care

Find Your Perfect Frames at New Vision Care

Find Your Perfect Frames at New Vision Care

Find Your Perfect Frames at New Vision Care

Choosing the right eyeglasses is more than a functional decision; it's an opportunity to enhance your appearance and express your personal style. Just ask Dr. Kimble. You will find that she will likely have on a different pair every time you see her! At New Vision Care, we understand that the perfect pair of frames can boost your confidence and complement your lifestyle. Here are essential tips to help you find glasses that are as unique as you are, along with how you can get personalized guidance from our experts.

Guide to Choosing the Best Frames for Your Face Shape

1. Round Face:

  • Look For: Angular and narrow frames to elongate and slim your face.
  • Avoid: Round frames that accentuate the face’s roundness.

2. Heart-Shaped Face:

  • Look For: Frames that are wider at the bottom or rimless designs to balance the face.
  • Avoid: Top-heavy styles that draw attention upward.

3. Base Down Triangle:

  • Look For: Cat-eye frames or styles that add width at the top to balance a wide jaw.
  • Avoid: Narrow frames that enhance the jawline width.

4. Diamond Face:

  • Look For: Oval frames or glasses with detailed browlines to highlight the cheekbones.
  • Avoid: Narrow frames that may accentuate the narrow chin.

5. Oblong Face:

  • Look For: Frames that add depth with decorative temples or contrasting widths.
  • Avoid: Frames that are too deep, which can lengthen the face.

6. Oval Face:

  • Look For: Most styles suit oval faces; choose frames that maintain balance.
  • Avoid: Overly large frames that could overpower the face.

7. Square Face:

  • Look For: Narrow or oval frames to soften the face's angularity.
  • Avoid: Square or angular frames that may enhance face width.

Additional Tips to Find Your Ideal Frames

  • Consider Your Hair Color and Skin Tone: Choose frame colors that complement or contrast your hair color and skin tone for a flattering look.

  • Prioritize Comfort and Fit: Ensure your frames fit well without pinching behind your ears or slipping off your nose. We will adjust them while you are in the office for maximal comfort and vision.

  • Reflect Your Style: Whether you prefer a professional, creative, or a minimalistic look, select frames that echo your personal style.

Why Visit New Vision Care?

At New Vision Care in Winter Garden, we not only offer a wide variety of eyeglasses but also provide expert guidance to help you find your perfect match. Our friendly staff uses a personalized approach to ensure that your new glasses not only improve your vision but also enhance your facial features and personal style.


​​​​​​​A device used for custom measurements. It is attached to you frame while you wear it. Your fixation, ocular and facial anatomy are analyzed with this amazing technology.
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